Raku Secrets Complete Guide to Amazing Raku Results

Raku Secrets eBook


by Gary R. Ferguson



Product Description

Discover All the Tips, Tricks, and Techniques of Creating your Own Amazing Raku Art. Whether you have just discovered Raku or have been doing Raku for years, there is something in this eBook for you.

Beyond the basics of How to Raku you will learn following Tips, Techniques, and Secrets of Raku:

  • No Gas Kiln? Learn how to Raku in your electric kiln
  • How to fire in reduction, when, and why.
  • The “No Lid” reduction method
  • Learn How to get green if you are only getting copper
  • Learn How to get copper if you are only getting green
  • How to load your kiln for the best results
  • Learn how to convert an old electric kiln into a gas Raku kiln
  • Resources for Building your Own Kiln
  • How to keep pieces from breaking
  • How to make joints that survive a Raku firing
  • How to use almost any clay for Raku
  • Keep the fire department away with Smokeless Raku techniques
  • Keep a cool head by learning how to Keep your propane tank from freezing up
  • Learn how to read a recipe and “know” what the glaze will do
  • Stop relying on pottery suppliers and learn how to mix your own glazes
  • Save your kiln shelves by learning how to make a glaze less runny
  • Learn the difference between Weight Formulas and Volume Formula and why you should care
  • How to prevent your glazes from being contaminated and ruining your pieces
  • How to quickly and cheaply tests dozens of glazes and glazing methods
  • Raku without glaze
  • How to fire and reduce very large piece (without dropping them)
  • How to fire and reduce very small pieces (without losing them)
  • How to easily get rid of that black “stuff”
  • How to use a blowtorch instead of a hammer to fix “ugly” pieces
  • How to refire a piece get better results
  • Three techniques of using tongs to remove pieces
  • Most people consider Raku non-functional, but here are ideas for “functional” Raku
  • How to make Raku water-tight for use as vases, water fountains, etc.
  • Learn the basics of Naked Raku (yes you can keep your cloths on)
  • Learn the basics of Horse Hair Raku (no animals where harmed in the making of this product)
  • Starter Glazes to Try

… And MORE!!

Order now, you get 2 Great Bonus Reports – FREE

Bonus #1:
Report: Raku on the Web
Links to some of the most amazing examples of Raku from Artists all over the world
Sources for Raku Pottery Equipment, Chemicals and Supplies
Quick links to other Raku Books Available
Other General Raku Sources

Bonus #2:
Report: Online Kiln Building Resources
Learn to build your own Raku Kiln following the simple instructions from these wonderful sites.



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    “I’m really enjoying the book so far. Fantastic collection of info.”
    – Judy W.

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    “I’ve learned loads … and I’ve been able to get my own pottery biz up and running.”
    – Bob K.

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    “I have been a Rakuist for about 10 years now. I have enjoyed your newsletter and have found food for thought and good tips. Keep up the good work”
    – Charles W.

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    “Our class fired again last night, and the instructor followed your tips and voila. Boy do we have copper. It’s great knowing we can do it, and I really appreciate your help. Thanks again!”
    – Shannon P.

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    “I just … read your new book. It is very well organized, easy to read and full of good stuff.”
    – Mike B.

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    “I received the eBook last week. Really, a very good book! Lots of things I didn’t know yet. I’m glad I have it.”
    – Hanneke B.

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    “It’s all your fault…….I was up all night reading “Raku Secrets”. I have been Rakuing for about ten years, and still so much to learn. Your Raku Secrets gave me a lot of new insight. Thanks so much”.
    – Elaine S.

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